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    2 Dogs That Need Rehoming
    16 February 2012, No comments

    Two abandoned dogs need rehoming separately Bobo and Pong Pang were abandoned after big flood last year. They have been kept in captivity since October 2011. Both are neutered. Bobo […]

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    A Very Happy Ending for Jazz
    5 February 2012, No comments

    This is why it is so much more rewarding to give a home to a Soi Dog than lining some breeders pockets. Jazz arrived at Soi Dog during the night […]

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    Meet the beautiful Dton Khao
    2 February 2012, No comments

    MEET THE BEAUTIFUL “DTON KHAO” – SHE WANTS TO PLAY BALL! This young beauty is just 18 months old. She’s a favouite with our staff & volunteers as she’s very […]

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    Mae Ma is so cute
    2 February 2012, No comments

    MAE MA – SHE’S AS CUTE AS A BUTTON!… This sweet girl is approx 4 years old & has been at the shelter since 2009. Mae Ma is a very […]

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    Sponsor the famous Shiver
    23 January 2012, No comments

    SPONSOR THE FAMOUS SHIVER!!…. It’s about time our famous boy had some sponsors of his own. Shiver was found at the side of a road at the brink of death. […]

  • 405030_304520729589669_108625789179165_768771_886127161_n
    Sponsor Emmaline
    10 January 2012, No comments

    Emmaline is one of the over 300 dogs living at Soi Dog’s shelter. Emmaline began her life in a dump. She was found alone and scavenging for food by Soi […]